Chocolates, Flowers, Tequila And More – Some Of This Month’s Highlights

Each month I round-up some of the latest products I have been sent or places I have tried. Here are the latest…….


Franklin & Sons – Soft Drinks


Great looking product, I particularly like that they come in a glass bottle. The company has been around for over 100 years and still retains the ethos of the original Franklin Bros using the best fruits and no preservatives. Good, fruity bursts make these flavourful and a great option for use as a mixer too. There is a satisfying ‘phssst’ of gas escaping when opened and this remained for the time it was in my glass. The flavours started off intense then softened to an all-round fruity tang. The Ginger Beer and Apple & Rhubarb were my favourites. All in all very good drinks made from quality ingredients that look great too.


BRGR – Soho, London

Just off Oxford St in Soho is one of two BRGR joints. A burger restaurant that is not like the typical fast food burger places in the neighbourhood. On the night I visited it was very busy. There is a bar and seating in the front with another dining area out the back. The menu is mainly made up of burger and hotdog offerings, sides are ordered separately. I chose chilli fries (my new favourite comfort food) with lashings of cheesy sauce.  My burger was fully-loaded and cooked well, although my companion wasn’t so sure, and the chilli fries were really good. The desserts are pretty standard, ice-cream sundae with smarties, chocolate brownie with ice-cream etc etc. If you want somewhere to hole-up in between bouts of shopping for a bit then this is a good option.

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Chiquito’s – Leicester Square


Chiquito’s has long been a stalwart in Leicester Square. I defy any Londoner not to know it. Last night they had the launch preview of their new menu along with new tequila based cocktails. We tried Empanadas, fish Tacos (delicious!), sweet chorizo croquettes, mini burritos and chocolate churros. Each dish was paired with a separate tequila based drink including a chilli chocolate tequila to dip our churros in. I don’t have a very sweet tooth as you all know but this dessert was definitely one I would have again. My favourite dish was the fish taco and the cocktail I wanted more of was the clever smoked rosemary margarita, a triumph, I also like the fact that that use proper rock salt on their rims! Chiquito’s always seems to have a busy fun vibe when I’ve been before and last night no different. We tried on the sombreros, drank tequila, took silly selfies (you can find these on twitter if you know where to look) and had some good honest Mexican food. Next time it wont be so long before I go back for a Mexi fix, arriba arriba!

Chiquito Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


BloomOn UK – On-line Flower Delivery Service


Yesterday I received the most stunning flowers from BloomOn UK. BloomOn are an on-line delivery service providing the freshest flowers sourced directly from the grower, and delivered to your door. Originally from Amsterdam the company has now come to London and Berlin. Each bouquet is original depending on what is available and comes with a glass vase. You choose the size you want, small, medium or large and how often you would like to receive them. Mine arrived cleverly wrapped in card (not paper) which kept the blooms safe on their journey so they arrived in the best condition. On the inside of the card were clever tips and hints on how to make the most of my blooms and keep them fresher for longer. My display included roses, gerberas, tulips, lillies, daisies and much more. Individually selected to provide the biggest impact, the colours and scents are amazing and they make a beautiful focal point for my room. Having a dinner party? I think the smaller size would look great for a centrepiece on your table. I will definitely be ordering some for my next SupperClub.

Godiva Chocolates – Special Edition Mousse Meringue

Godiva pride themselves on using the highest quality ingredients in their ranges making them a leader and favourite in the world of chocolate. The mousse meringue limited edition box is no exception. Soft, creamy mousse fillings surrounding a crisp meringue centre and covered in different types of chocolate, they were a treat. There are flavours ranging from strawberry to lemon to hazelnut praline and more. These would make a lovely present for the person who enjoys the high quality of Belgian chocolates or as a treat for yourself. Prettily presented in this pink box and gold ribbon they look great too.

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