Review – Frescobaldi Ristorante Mayfair Hosts A Winemakers Dinner Extravaganza

Frescobaldi Mayfair

The Frescobaldi family have been making wine in Tuscany for over 700 years and 30 generations. With such a pedigree behind them I was looking forward to dining at their first UK restaurant, Ristorante Frescobaldi, located in the hear of Mayfair. The restaurant itself is located just off Regent St and is well-appointed in a modern style with a nod to their Italian heritage in the frescos that adorn to walls. Every three months Ristorante Frescobaldi holds a spectacular Winemakers Dinner, showcasing the new seasonal dishes designed by Head Chef Roberto Reatini which are paired with wines from the Frescobaldi Estate. The Ristorante Frescobaldi Winemakers Dinners are open to all and afford diners to not only taste Tuscan-inspired dishes and wines but to also hear from the winemakers themselves. On the particular evening I attended the guest presenter was Peter Ferguson, Global Sales Director for Luce della Vita and Attems.  Enough talking, it’s time to get tasting!



Antipasti –

Seabass carpaccio with cherries – Wine Pairing – Attems Sauvignon Blanc 2015. If you’re not sure about ‘raw’ fish then this dish may change your mind. Thinly sliced and extremely fresh it was a delight and matched perfectly with my favourite wine, a crisp and tangy sauvignon blanc.


Primi Piatti

Courgette ravioli with veal ragu and almonds – Wine Pairing – Attems Pinot Grigio 2014. Handmade pasta with a rich ragu needs something tangy yet fruity to cut through, great match. The pasta was fantastic and well-filled making the most of those flavours.


Secondi Piatti

Lamb rack with pea puree and dauphinoise potatoes – Wine Pairing – Luce 2012 (special guest wine).

This is a classic dish well done, whilst lamb is not for me my fellow diners loved it and it looked great. This wine though was my favourite of the evening.


Semifreddo with melon – Wine Pairing – Attems Picolit 2011. The Picolit was a nice finish to the evening, a balance of sweetness of candied fruit with zesty citric peel. Faint hints of lavender and acacia honey make this an easy wine to drink without being too heavy. Personally I would have liked to have this with some blue cheese or a dark chocolate dessert.



If you love great food and wines then Ristorante Frescobaldi is definitely one to go check out. The restaurant has both a street-level and basement dining area as well as the pavement courtyard where we started our evening with some aperitif wine in the sunshine. I had no idea of what to expect of my evening as far as numbers of guests so I was pleasantly surprised to see that the evening was an understandable sell-out with the upper dining room full to the brim with wine enthusiasts. We all had a fun, educational evening topped off with some delicious Tuscan-inspired dishes. I would love to go back on a regular service evening too. In the meantime tickets for the Winemakers Dinners are available on the website or phone if you would like to attend. Salut!

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