Review – B.Y.O.C restaurant Soho serves up some pretty awesome dishes ft chef James Cochran

Crisp Pork Belly with Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Yoghurt

B.Y.O.C, what does it stand for? I was a little confused, build your own cocktail, bring your own cocktail? Turns out the latter is right. Customers bring along a bottle or two of their favourite spirit and after paying a door fee the mixologists make up an array of personalised cocktails at your table. It’s is definitely different from other bars for sure. However its not the B.Y.O.C bar I am reviewing here but their Soho restaurant. I will have to save the full experience for another evening. Head chef  at B.Y.O.C Soho is James Cochran. With a background in Michelin restaurants and a string of successful pop-ups, he now embarks on a partnership with B.Y.O.C’s first restaurant to bring local, varied and seasonal dishes to the Soho masses. The menu features small plates which can be ordered as a bar snack or tasting menus (4-7 dishes) and the restaurant is open on the ground floor for lunch and dinner.

For our first selection we started by the sea. Making the most of the freshly caught fish, we chose 3 dishes. Well cooked and presented, they were delicious and showcased the inevitable Michelin effect on James’ dishes without being too flouncy.

Crisp Pork Belly with Purple Sprouting Broccoli and YoghurtCrisp Pork Belly with yoghurt, pine nuts and purple sprouting broccoli. Al dente broccoli and nicely cooked pork although my personal preference is for more crunch on the skin.

Wye Valley Asparagus With Egg and Garli MousseWye Valley asparagus with egg and garlic mousse.

Braised Short Rib Of Beef woth Jerusalem Artichokes, Girolle Marmalade and Smoked LardoBraised Short Rib of Beef with Jerusalem artichokes, girolle marmalade and smoked lardo. Soft enough to cut with a fork and packed full of meaty flavour.

English Raspberries with Lemon Verbena Buttermilk and Feuille de BrickThe final selections from our tasting menu started with English raspberries, lemon verbena buttermilk and feuille de brick. Nice and light with fresh summer raspberries. I was very glad to see raspberries used instead of the ever-present strawberry that appears on so many dessert dishes at this time of year. I am a big fan of raspberries, not so much strawberries.

Paxton and Whitfield Chees with ChutneyTo finish in my opinion you cant beat a cheeseboard. A tasty selection of Paxton and Whitfield cheeses and tomato jam. Creamy blue cheese was my hero, I didn’t worry about the accompanying carbs to go with, it was all about the cheese!

B.Y.O.C restaurant provided great service to go with the food and was packed on a Thursday night. I would advise booking a table if you’re going to eat, the new kid on the block is going down a storm.

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