Review – Brouge At The Old Goat – Twickenham, London

Sunday Roast Brouge at The Old Goat


There is nothing more English than a traditional Sunday roast. While many pubs and restaurants offer a roast of some sort it can be a hit or miss affair. To find an establishment offering great food, service and value for money in your neighbourhood is gold!
Many followers have raved about the carvery at Brouge (at The Old Goat) so I decided it was time to check it out for myself. When a friend called saying we should meet for lunch I grabbed the opportunity and suggested we try Brouge.
Arriving at 1:30 we were quickly shown to a table in the conservatory looking onto the garden. The restaurant was pretty full with more groups coming behind us. We ordered drinks and were given the choice of the carvery or a la carte menu. At £10:95 for the carvery it was a clear choice.
It’s an easy system, you are given a ticket, go up to the carvery, hand over the ticket and your choice of meat is freshly cut for you (and generously cut I might add). You then help yourself to vegetables, gravies and sauce condiments. The carvery itself was spotlessly clean and well presented.  Everything was full even though it was already a few hours into service and the staff were accommodating and friendly.
As someone who eats out a lot I do have a pretty good appetite but even I couldn’t finish my plate. I think I suffered from ‘eyes bigger than my stomach’ syndrome (a condition that is very familiar to me). When it all looks fresh and inviting it is tricky to strike the right balance.
Needless to say you guys were right once again. You always let me know your latest finds and I do note them all. As far as a great Sunday roast in SW London with generous portion sizes, value for money, attentive staff and a family friendly atmosphere, I would definitely recommend Brouge.

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