Cooking a 3 course meal with Tefal using the #Cook4Me

These days everyone seems to be in a rush to do everything. We all seem to be busier, working harder and trying to cook a proper meal can be the last thing you want to be doing at the end of the day. Step up to the plate the Tefal Cook4Me. Designed to make life that much easier by doing the hard work for you, I was delighted to attend an event hosted by Tefal to try it out. The Cook4Me is like a modern day version of a pressure cooker. Preloaded with up around 60 recipes this latest kitchen gadget was a revelation.

The day started with me and 5 other bloggers being separated in to two teams. Our challenge? To each cook a 3 course meal which we would all enjoy around a communal table.

First course – Butternut squash soup

Ready to get started using the Tefal Cook4Me

Ready to get started using the Tefal Cook4Me

The first course for my team was one of my favourite soups. Warm and hearty for this time of year I couldn’t wait to get started. Peeling and chopping quickly got underway and within minutes we were ready to start our cooking. In the meantime the Cook4Me was pre-heating. The Tefal Cook4Me has this recipe already programmed in to the memory so as we switched on the machine the instructions are brought up on the dial. Second step, heat the oil. Next we added the vegetables and stock, closed the lid and our cooking process started. There is no need to stir or keep an eye on it, it is all done by the machine. Because it is like a pressure cooker it was very quick. The steam is released automatically at the end of cooking and it turns itself off. (There is also a ‘keep warm’ function which you can elect if you’re not quite ready for it). A quick blitz with a hand blender and within 20 minutes from start to finish we had freshly prepared soup done to a ‘T’.

Butternut squash soup

Butternut squash soup

Main course – Vegetarian sausage casserole

This recipe, also programmed in, can of course be used for regular sausages too. The recipes are there as a guideline but you can tweak them to suit your tastes. The instructions told us to brown the sausages first in the Cook4Me (no need for extra washing up) and then it was everybody in the pool. Covered with the stock we closed the lid, pushed the dial to ‘OK’ to start cooking and that was it. I find cooking very therapeutic and enjoy the process but I can see why this product is so popular for when time is short. It is simple to use and because the machine tells you what to do next there is little, if any, room for error. I would imagine that this would be really useful for someone who is starting to cook too but not sure where to start.

Carry On Casserole - a vegetarian delight ready to make it's debut

Carry On Casserole – a vegetarian delight ready to make it’s debut

Dessert course – Steamed Pudding

Yes, you really can make a steamed pudding in here. We buttered up our dish, layered with croissants, chocolate and cranberries and tied it up with a cloth. Placing our pud in the steam basket with water underneath we selected our recipe and we were off for course number 3. The steam basket is a great extra that comes with the Cook4Me allowing you to not only cook steamed puddings but your vegetables or fish etc for that healthier option.


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