Costa Coffee launches new food-led concept store, Costa Fresco

That stalwart of coffee chains, Costa Coffee, have opened a food-led concept store on Tottenham Court Rd called Costa Fresco. Costa is currently the fastest growing coffee shop business in the UK and the second largest in the world. This latest venture sees them moving into a new era with more emphasis on the food side of things, baked on the premises hourly as want demands and a wider selection of items to whet your appetite.

The new menu includes porridge, ciabatta or rustico sandwiches, ciabatta swirls with savoury fillings alongside pastries, cakes and quiches. I went along to try some of them out and liked what I tasted. In a time when the coffee shop wars are being strongly contended it is no longer just about grabbing something sweet to go with your coffee. Costa Fresco provides a relaxing environment with subdued but fresh colours to sit down and take a breather with some straight-from-the-oven foods.

My favourites to try were the ciabatta swirls. We all know the sweet pastry swirls filled with custard, chocolate or dried fruits but these are savoury and right up my street. With goats cheese, mushrooms and cherry tomato fillings to name a few, these certainly satisfied my needs for an alternative breakfast treat.

Costa Fresco 2

Costa’s Global Brand and Innovation Director Carol Welch says  the concept store is ‘ a fusion of London’s handcrafted bakeries brought to life by our heritage, Italian passion and gusto for vibrant ingredients and genuinely good food…..We are committed to continue to innovate and delight our customers with want they want – quality food, alongside irresistible coffee in a warm, welcoming environment.’

Costa Fresco 5

Whilst this is a ‘concept’ store for now, there is a possibility if it proves popular for similar stores to open around the UK. You can visit Costa Fresco at 190 Tottenham Court Rd, oh, and the coffee is, as always, their original Mocha Italia blend being made for you by the trained baristas on their individual stations. Yes, there isn’t just one coffee station here, each barista has their own, hallelujah!


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