Food Hacks 101 – Ways To Make Your Cooking Simpler

Boiled Eggs

Keep Resting Food Warmer For Longer

Tinfoil (Aluminium Foil) has 2 sides, a shiny side and a dull side. Do you know why? I learnt this lesson from a hotel chef where I worked as a teenager. He was always telling another girl off for looking at herself using the tinfoil. He said ‘it’s shiny side down to keep the food warm not shiny side up to look at yourself’, it’s something I’ve never forgotten even many years later. So, shiny side on the food, dull side on the outside.


Warm Food Evenly In A Microwave

This one is easy peasy. Make a hole in the middle of your food so it forms a ring. Food will now cook at an even temperature so no more having to stir and put back in for another go. Also if you are reheating something with a sauce, sprinkle water over the top of the food to reconstitute it.


Heat More Than One Plate Of Food In A  Microwave

You know the drill, there’s more than one person wanting to eat but you have to take turns using the microwave. Not any more, place one plate/container to be reheated on the microwave plate, place the second on top of a cup so the two plates are now at different levels. Now use the microwave as you would for the time of one dish voile. Save time AND electricity.


Chill Your Wine In A Hurry

You’ve gone to the shop and bought a nice bottle of wine. Chances are though it came off a shelf and not a fridge, warm wine, yuk. To chill your wine quickly, wet some kitchen paper towels and wrap them around the wine bottle placing it in the fridge. After 15 minutes your wine will be nice and cold – no more having to stick it in the freezer for half an hour, enjoy! (Also works on cans)


Butter Too Cold To Spread Or Bake With

Waiting for butter out of the fridge to get near room temperature needs a bit of forward-planning unless you know this food hack. Use a grater or cheese slicer to make life so much easier, no more cold toast while you wait.


Cut Cakes And Eggs Etc Easily

All that time making a beautiful celebration cake only for it to not look so good when presented on the plate. The answer? Don’t use that knife, go into the bathroom and get the dental floss (or cotton if none). Break off a long piece, wind around one finger on each hand and slide through the cake. Perfectly cut slices beautifully presented, this also works great for cutting boiled eggs and cupcakes…….


That Pesky Onion Chopping Task

If you cool down an onion it slows the activation of the chemical that makes you cry when you cut it.  Put your onion in the freezer for 15 minutes before you need to chop it. I haven’t ever had this problem when I’ve chopped onions so let me know if it works!


Easy-Clean Your Blender

Instead of trying to rinse your blender out under the tap for ages put some water and a drop of dishwashing liquid into the blender. Give it a quick blend and then empty. It should now be lovely and clean. Remember to rinse with hot water to get rid of any soap residue.


Peeling Eggs

There’s nothing better sometimes than an egg salad or boiled eggs on toast but boy those things can be tricky to peel! When you’ve finished boiling your eggs empty the pot and fill it with cold water (no point making more dishes!). Crack the eggs shell on something hard and then place in the water. Peeling the egg under the cold water makes this so quick and no more bite of shell in your food.


Get More Juice For Your Buck

Don’t own one of those fancy shmancy juicers? To get the most out of your lemons and limes use a pair of tongs backwards to squeeze all that juice out. Put the fruit between where you would normally hold the tongs and press the open ends together. Simple eh?


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