Holy smokes, The Fire Station has reopened – Waterloo, London

The Fire station

The Firestation has long been a stalwart for commuters catching their trains from Waterloo Station. I should know, Waterloo is my main line for getting home. A while ago though it was in need of refurbishment so closed down and underwent a huge makeover. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes (pardon the pun) it has now reopened and looks better than ever. I went along to check it out shortly after it’s launch and having been a regular before I was curious to have a gander.

We were treated to an array of pizzas, burgers and desserts as well as the new cocktail menu. The pizzas were done just as I like them, very thin and crusty. The range of toppings were interesting and I particularly liked the goats cheese, peppadew peppers, chilli and jalapenos offering, anything spicy gets my vote. The oven that cooks the pizzas is quite an engineering feat. Go to the back and have a look, made especially for The Firestation it maintains a consistent 450degs and gives your pizza a lovely crust. The burgers definitely filled a hole, very important to line your stomachs after an evening out, although I do like my patty a bit less cooked. The meat used in the burgers is made from aged beef which gives it a nice flavour and there is a good selection to suit both meat and vegetarian diners.


What I liked most about this place though was the cocktails and judging by the number of suits and office workers in the bar area they did too. There is a fabulous smoking machine which is used to make a very good old-fashioned (my benchmark drink) and the bartenders knew there stuff. The cocktail list is interesting, with many featuring smoke infusions,fruits and spices in original combinations.

Old firehoses used as a light installation

Old firehoses used as a light installation

If you take the time to wander around the place you will find many things harking back to the days of the original fire station. These firehoses made a great lighting system out the back near the kitchen. One of the first ever fire extinguisher’s can be found tucked away on a side wall and there are plenty of other interesting artefacts besides. I love that London buildings have so much history and that designers are willing to incorporate that into a modern restoration. Winter is coming so turn up the heat with a visit to The Firestation, I’ll be back for another smoky old-fashioned very soon!
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