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1st Visit – Brunch

You know the feeling, it’s Sunday morning and the effects of the night before are rearing their hungover head. You need sustenance and maybe a touch of the hair of the dog. Step up to the plate Dirty Bones in Kensington. They have just launched their Hangover Brunch. A menu with just the right touch of carbohydrate based dishes to cure all that ails, or at least make you feel like a semi-functioning person again. My visit started with learning how to make a Dirty Mary. A mix of vodka (and not too much tomato juice), Louisiana hot sauce, mint, sour cream crisps around the rim and some other stuff. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to set to work like me, yours will be made for you. It was a great way to start the brunch and that hot sauce was gooood! Come on Dirty Bones, show me what you’ve got!


The main part of the menu consists of dishes to share. This morning we were tasting the Green Cheese Toastie (Avocado and cheese), Slow ‘n Low Toastie (beef rib, cheeses, mustard and gherkin), Benedict Burger (steak burger, treacle bacon & poached egg) and finally that favourite from across the pond, Chicken & Waffles with maple syrup. The top dish for me was the Slow ‘n Low, nice fully flavoured beef and cheese with a great kick of mustard – delish!

Green Cheese Toastie

Green Cheese Toastie

The burger was good too although in all honesty I would’ve eaten it by myself. I’m not a particularly good sharer when it comes to food. I really liked the addition of a poached egg rather than a fried egg, cue feeling like I’m being a little healthy.

Benedict Arnold? Nott here it's the Benedict Burger

Benedict Arnold? Not here, it’s the Benedict Burger

When you were a kid did you get served up that oldie but goodie egg ‘n chips? Yep, rediscover your youth with this comfort dish. French fries with double egg, runny yolks and smothered in ketchup (except I prefer mayo) it was great to break that yolk and watch it cascading through your fries. Sticky, licky fingers made the most of this plate. PhotoGrid_1449441088243-1[1]

The final dishes we tried are definitely for those with a sweet tooth. Missing your cereal? You can have milk and Frosties but not as you know it. The milk comes in the form of Panna Cotta onto which you pour your glass of Frosties and tuck in. Or if that’s not quite your bag there is Banana Toblerone-Tella Waffles. A rather large portion of calcium rich caramelised bananas with waffles, melting chocolate and icecream well, I guess you ARE sharing it after all.

As for the drinks side of things? There is bottomless tea and coffee and if you want a bit more of that hard stuff there is an option for bottomless Prosecco too.

The entrance to Dirty Bones is small, it’s looks like someone added an extra door in a wall and masked it with a rollaway door. As I descended down the dark stairway to the basement I wondered what was waiting for me behind the ominous looking door. It’s a little bit dark, a little bit gloomy and music is pumping through the speakers in the bar. I probably shouldn’t be here but it suits my Sunday hungover mood perfectly, I LOVE it. When I’m next at home on a Sunday morning a little worse for wear, I’ll probably be salivating as I remember how happy my tum was after eating all this food and get myself down to Dirty Bones for another brunching. Happy eating everyone!

2nd Visit – Dinner and DJ

I returned here last week to try out some of the restaurant dishes, sans potential hangover. Evening is a different affair at Dirty Bones. There is a DJ in the restaurant which, while he is spinning the decks during your dinner, doesn’t drown out your conversation. Instead it gives a great, relaxed vibe which you are more than welcome to get up and shake a few moves to if you so desire. I even had a turn at spinning when I was there. It is WAY harder than it looks. Suffice it to say there was no-one busting moves whilst I was in charge of ‘mixing’.

The Food

The food on the restaurant menu is a little bit different to the brunch menu as you would expect. Remaining with it’s feet steadfastly in the American comfort food camp there are some carb-o-licious dishes that you’ll find on the brunch menu with the added element of delicious grown-up cocktails, sharing plates and more substantial dishes. The deep-fried macaroni cheeses balls with sweet chilli sauce were some of the tastiest I’ve had in a while and the chicken and waffles were a real delight. Waffles are not my thing really but the chicken was amazingly succulent inside and crispy on the outside at the same time. I suspect the use of a sous-vide in the kitchen but that’s ok because it made for some damn fine lip smacking chook, also served with a shot of maple syrup. The chicken wings were also oozing with juices and great flavour but the star was the Louisiana hot sauce that came on the side – I’ll have a bottle please – delicious!

For the dessert I liked the Peanut Butter Cookie Cup – salted peanut gelato, caramelised chocolate ganache and dark chocolate cookie chunks. A great dessert for the sweet-toothed amongst you. It was gooey and sweet although I would have to share it with my partner, a good size for sharing.


The cocktails are always good here so needless to say you wont be disappointed. The one pictured above with melon was good but I will however make another personal recommendation and that is for the Boiler Maker – Tequila, Blood Orange Liqueur, Tabasco, Lime, Salt and a shot of beer on the side – come to Mama!

Dirty Bones is always a fun place to visit and I’m sure I’ll be dropping in for more cocktails and chicken soon. Until my next hangover in need of a good brunching………………..

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