Ice-cream, Korean Cooking Sauces, Roast in a Bag – this month’s favourite products

Time for a few more of my favourite products from the last month.

Simply Ice Cream

Simply Ice Cream is an artisan ice cream company based near Ashford in Kent. Producing ice creams and sorbets since 2005 the company has won many awards including a  Three Star Award from the Guild of Fine Food. The flavours I tried were Honeycomb, Coffee & Cobnut Fudge, Lemon Curd, Mango, Lime & Passionfruit, Irish Coffee and the Christmas Pudding. I found them to be very creamy, flavourful and quite simply luxurious. These products are handmade and it certainly seemed easy to taste the difference between these and factory produced ice creams. I also like the fact that they are made in small batches using locally based ingredients with no artificial colours or other nasties too. The flavour that surprised me the most was the Christmas Pudding – I loathe Christmas pudding, its just too heavy for me. Mixed into the ice-cream it was easy to taste the different elements of the pud and its fruits whilst not being too overwhelming for my tastebuds. I think this will be my preferred option for Christmas this year! My favourite though was the Honeycomb. I was bought up in New Zealand where the most popular ice cream flavour is Hokey Pokey, otherwise known as honeycomb. I have not been able to find an equivalent in all my travels until now. Simply Ice Cream, you now have a fan for life (or until I visit NZ again). You can find them at some Waitrose stores, frozen food store Cook and also online.


Yogiyo Cooking Sauces

I first saw Yogiyo presenting a pitch on Dragon’s Den so when I saw them on social media I knew I wanted to try them out. Started by partners Sue Youn and Ben Ansah, the range has three base offerings which cover the cornerstone of flavours found in everyday Korean cooking. I tried all three – Gochu Jang Cooking Sauce, Gochu Jang Chilli Dipping Sauce and the Galbi Sauce (a marinade). Made using chilli paste, umami, soybeans and garlic amongst others, I knew these were going to pack a tasty punch. I used recipes which can be found online at the Yogiyo website. My supper this particular night was to be the Beef Galbi and Gochujang Stew. I started by marinading my beef for 30 minutes. All my prepped vegetables and stock were then added to a pot with the beef and left to simmer for 20 minutes, it was that easy. What I ended up with was a delicious meal full of flavour. The hot, sweet and salty flavours were delicious and I in fact ended up eating 2 bowls it was that good. I have since used the dipping sauce to top other more western dishes to add a little oomph to my meals. Now that I have dipped my toe in the Korean food pond I shall definitely be on the lookout for more  of the same. Yogiyo can be found in Sainsbury’s supermarkets.



The Black Farmer – Roast In A Bag Pork Loin

The Black Farmer range prides itself on being 100% gluten free, mostly made up of sausages, meats, chicken and cheese. The opportunity came along to try out their brand spanking new roast in a bag and of course I jumped at it. A great Sunday roast is one of the foodie highlights of my week. Now I cook a pretty mean roast myself so it was game on. Coming in a roasting bag the prep is all done for you. No weighing, working out times or trying to figure out what herbs and spices to put in your stuffing, just bung it in the oven at the appropriate temp. I was a little sceptical I must admit and having cooked and rested the loin of pork it was time to carve up. I have to say it was pretty darned good! Succulent (because it steams in the bag you retain all those delicious juices) and cooked just right we sat down and enjoyed a very respectable roast pork. For two people our portion size was generous and as for washing up the roasting dish it sits in? There wasn’t really much to it, bag in bin and a mandatory rinse of the dish, no scrubbing off the stuck on bits here. Reasonably priced too for what you are getting especially as it comes with its own stuffing which was balanced well and complimented the pork just right. Just a quick note, as this is a roast in a bag it would be a bit of a miracle to produce crackling in there too, instead you have a great herby crust that was delicious. The Black Farmer products can be found in most mainstream supermarkets. Till next time, happy eating!


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