Iceland Launches A World Famous Range And It’s Brrrrilliant! #PowerofFrozen

Iceland Pulled Pork World Famous

In an age when time is of the essence and we’re all trying to keep an eye on our wallets I was intrigued to be given the opportunity to try out the new Iceland World Famous range of slow-cooked dishes.

Life is busy for everyone these days and so being able to enjoy tasty meals where someone else has done the hard graft is a bit of a blessing. Personally I love tasting cuisines from around the world and the World Famous range of dishes have been inspired by the Iceland team of chefs travels looking for mouth-watering recipes and trends to bring home to your freezer. Carefully selected UK ingredients means that quality is definitely a priority for the team.

There are three categories in the range – Smokehouse, Grill and Bistro. For my part I tried the Smokehouse and Bistro dishes. One of the added benefits that comes with using the new Iceland World Famous range is that they have a ‘chilled life’. They can be defrosted in the fridge and then you have up to 7 days in which to use them (as long as they’re kept in the fridge obviously). No more having to worry about changing your mind for dinner but stressing that you need to use it the day it was defrosted.

World Famous Range

All of the dishes in the range are pre-prepared with herbs, spices or marinades, vacuum packed and then sous-vide (for extra moisture and tenderness). The result is that the meat turns out delicious every time and with the herbs or marinades already sealed in the bag they are not just your run-of-the-mill cuts that you need to think about how to add extra flavour.

Smokehouse Range

Texan Down ‘n Dirty Beef Brisket

Iceland World Famous Pulled Beef

Mini Sliders Made Using The Beef Brisket & Pulled Pork


With a Texan-inspired BBQ sauce the brisket was oak-smoked and slow-cooked. Easy to pull apart with a couple of forks it was very moist and with the smokiness coming through it added to the flavour profile making for a very tasty dish.

Mississippi Smoked Pulled Pork

Iceland Pulled Pork World Famous

Mississippi Pulled Pork

This time cooked in a Mississippi style Hickory BBQ sauce this was my favourite of the two ‘pulled’ meats. With the option of different cooking methods it was extremely convenient to whip up a satisfying meal leaving me time to do other, more important things, and not stand guard over the stove.

Memphis Tennessee Meaty Pork Ribs

Staying in the southern states it is the turn of Memphis with their love of BBQ pork to step into the spotlight. Smoked over hickory chips and slow-cooked in a sous-vide there was a generous amount of meat on these ribs and the wet sauce was finger licking tasty. Served up with corn on the cob and some smoked beans it was certainly reminiscent of my time spent visiting Jim Neeley’s Interstate BBQ (amongst others!) in Memphis.

Bistro Range

Lamb Shanks In A Mint And Rosemary Gravy

Iceland World Famous Lamb Shank

Lamb Shank with Mint & Rosemary Gravy

Slow-cooked with the mint and rosemary gravy sealed in the bag this was a great textured meat so soft it fell off the bone as you would expect. A generous and robust dish accompanied by mashed potato and vegetables, there is plenty of gravy in the bag to pour over your accompaniments too.

New Zealand Leg of Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic

A generous 1.8kg of lamb slow-cooked with rosemary and garlic already added this is easy to cook following the instructions for the oven. A great amount of rosemary and not too much garlic, there was plenty for everyone to have seconds (there were three of us).

I found the Iceland World Famous range certainly very convenient to use without compromising on taste. Full of flavour and with generous portions all round there were no hungry tasters around my table. If I was to choose my favourite dishes they would probably be the pulled pork and the pork ribs although the lamb shanks were a definite winner with my guests. Cook from frozen or cook from defrosted the choice is yours, it couldn’t be much simpler. Oh and extra brownie points for cooking in the packaging, no more scrubbing sticky trays!  Available in store from 20th February. 

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