Iceland launches it’s new autumnal menu and its brrrr-illiantly tasty!

Iceland Food

Last week saw the launch of Iceland’s new premium frozen meal range for the autumnal season. The emphasis certainly appears to be getting away from the misconception that they just sell frozen fish fingers and vege. These dishes, as with other recent launches, are definitely more upmarket than that. Lots of tasty winter warmers, indulgent treats and mouth-watering dishes, yes really!

I had the opportunity to try some of these dishes at their recent press launch. With a chef on hand to demonstrate and present the dishes and senior execs to answer our plethora of questions it was going to be a filling afternoon.

Served with lemon and asparagus this fish dish was tasty and healthy!

Served with lemon and asparagus this fish dish was tasty and healthy!

The first dishes to be tried were the soups. I had the tomato and basil and the Tom Kha. My personal taste was that the tomato needed a little more seasoning but the Tom Kha? Wowsers, it was really delicious with plenty of oriental vegetables and a great Thai taste, a firm favourite. What I didn’t realise until I read through the press release was that the new soup range is frozen! A first on the market it means that the soups retains their fresh flavour whilst not using any chemical additives, a bonus for those wanting to get their full nutritional moneys worth.

Continuing on with the healthy vibe there is also a new range of frozen superfoods. Bean Quinoa, Creamy Spiced Lentils, Bulgur Wheat in Lemon & Herb Dressing and Cous cous with Spinach. We all know that we should eat healthier and as a nation we are embracing the trend for these African and Middle Eastern grains. When new ‘superfoods’ start to trend the price tag that comes with them seems to surreptitiously creep up. Iceland have been able to keep their costs down so that we can all afford to eat healthier for less. Of these I tried the quinoa and the spiced lentils and thought they were delicious.

For their main courses there are 20 new dishes. Everything from English, French, Italian and more can be found so there is bound to be something for everyone. Winter dishes are my favourite so this was the part I was most looking forward to. Cosying up on the sofa with a plate of something warming and delicious whilst it is lashing down outside is my idea of heaven. I didn’t try everything in the range, that would have been way too much tasting even for me, but the ones I did try were really good. My winner was the Beef Bourguignon with creamy mash followed closely by the Katsu chicken (coated in panko crumbs and with a fragrant curry sauce) and sticky jasmine rice.

Beef Bourguignon with Maris Piper mash

Beef Bourguignon with Maris Piper mash

Now we all know that we can get fish fingers and the ever popular coated or battered fish fillets from Iceland but have you tried the prepared fish fillets? You should! The new range includes Red Snapper, Dover Sole and Seabass. High in protein and nutrient rich these are a doddle to cook and served up with a drizzle of lemon and virgin olive oil are a really tasty treat. I wouldn’t have known that these fillets were frozen and not from the fishmonger. Iceland prides itself on below freezing techniques to be able to bring you the freshest tastes whilst maintaining excellent quality from boat to table. I think they do a pretty damned fine job!

Red snapper and sweet potato fries

Red snapper and sweet potato fries

Iceland’s premium dessert range is the ultimate in getting some delicious bang for your buck. Chef treated us to a cooking demonstration for the frozen lemon soufflés. We mixed up a batch of our own soufflé recipe and challenged the frozen range as to which was better in looks and taste. Never tried a frozen soufflé? This is an eye-opener, no more wondering if it is going to rise or be overcooked it came out perfectly. Tangy and gooey we all agreed we wouldn’t need to make them ourselves anymore, this was much easier and looked pretty too. Definitely one to impress your dinner guests with.
Lemon soufflé - from freezer to table in 15 minutes!

Lemon soufflé – from freezer to table in 15 minutes!

If soufflé is not your bag there are plenty of other new dishes to tempt you – Millionaires Apple Crumble, Crème Brulee, Belgian Melt In The Middle Pudding and many more besides.

Iceland have presented a fabulous range of new dishes harnessing their #PowerOfFrozen with great results so broaden your horizons, think outside the frozen vege box and try some of their new dishes. Convenient, indulgent and the ultimate in cooking ease you’re bound to be impressing your family and friends with your restaurant-style dishes in no time at all!

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