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Turkish Delight, or Lokum to give it its proper name, is a sweet confectionery first sold commercially by Haci Bekir Effendi,who opened a shop in Bahcekapi, Turkey in 1777. History books however have Turkish Delight being popular in the Ottoman Palaces centuries earlier. It is first thought to have been brought to Britain by a traveller in the 18th Century and given as presents among high society.
There are variations of Turkish Delight available in the mainstream market but to taste the authentic product as it was originally intended, in my opinion you cannot get anything more delicious than the delectable delights offered by a company called Lokum Istanbul. Created by Zeynep Keyman, the Lokum brand revisits the original recipes and adds a touch of modern influence.
The first thing you will notice is the exquisite packaging. Monochrome black and white presentation boxes with detailed scenes are just the beginning. The boxes also come crafted with tiny bells which every time you open the box give off a tinkle that exudes the promise of something special to come.
The Turkish Delight itself is a real treat. Smooth and flavourful these sweet treats should please even the most discerning palate. It defintely does not have the cloying taste or sticky texture you find in highly commercialised Turkish Delight. Flavoured with figs, pistachios etc I am sure you will find something to enjoy. Myself? I loved all of them and yes I’m quite fussy when it comes to sweets.
I haven’t been to the Walton St store to see the full range of the products available in situ but next time I’m in Knightsbridge I will be sure to pop in. From checking it out online the store is as beautiful and elegant as the boxes. Opulence and decadence personified. What a great find, I think I will be ordering some of these for gifts for sure!

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