Review – Macellaio RC ministers to the meat-loving masses in South Kensington, amen!

The fashionable suburb of South Kensington is over-flowing with chic, trendy restaurants. With a large international community made up mostly of French expats, Italian and Spanish and a large number of tourists visiting the local museums and gardens there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Along the Old Brompton Road is Macellaio. Looking through the shop window it looks like a butcher shop. A great glassed case full of joints of meat and with a couple of butchery-looking blokes ready to personally prepare your meat for cooking. Past the butcher’s case is a small bar which leads on to the bigger restaurant at the rear and more seating downstairs. Macellaio is a meat lovers paradise with 28 day hung meat the order of the day. If you want to go to Macellaio you had better book a table though, this place was rammed.

StartersSteak Tartar Macellaio RC South KensingtonWith Macellaio being known for specialising in meat dishes, you would hope that they would be able to do a great steak tartare. We weren’t disappointed, not too finely chopped and with capers, brandy, gherkins et al it was a promising start.

Oxtail Vaccinara Sauce Macellaio RC South Kensington

We also ordered the Oxtail with Vaccinara Sauce. For me I found the oxtail a bit difficult to take off the bone but the underlying mash and butter bean puree was delicious.


This is what our visit was all about, the steak, I am a committed carnivore so no pressure! I chose to go with the Fassona rump steak served with gorgonzola and a selection of side dishes. My steak was cooked a perfect medium rare as requested and sprinkled with rock salt – delicious!

Fassano Rump Steak Gorgonzola Macellaio South Kensington

My dining companion decided on the Filetto tenderloin also from Fassona cattle, a breed specific to Piemonte in Italy, that was accompanied with extra virgin olive oil and rock salt. Again a superb medium rare. The portions are very good here too, it should be noted that with most of the meats you are able to choose which size you would like. The sides we chose were the mixed vegetables and the mashed potatoes. Both enough for us to share between us.

Fassona Tenderloin of Beef Macellaio South Kensington


An uncomplicated selection of desserts, I plumped for the Tiramisu of course. There was not an overwhelming taste of coffee or liquer as is usual in other restaurants I have tried. This was light and creamy without being too sweet.

Tiramisu Macellaio South Kensington

The second dessert was the Latte Dolce Fritto. If you are familiar with churros, these are sorta, not really, the same kind of thing taste wise – deep-fried and filled with Nutella. My companion has a sweet tooth so they didn’t last long.

Latte Dolce Fritto Macellaio South Kensington

By the time we had each finished 3 courses along with a respectable bottle of house wine we were pretty full. I enjoyed my evening at Macellaio RC and judging by the turnover of covers there were quite a few other people enjoying it too. The ambience is relaxed and the service good with the tables not too close to each other. Overall a great night out with some delicious food and great company. Macellaio has 2 locations, South Kensington and Exmouth Market, the venue I visited was 84 Old Brompton Road in South Kensington.

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Till next time, happy eating!


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