Recipe – 3 Ingredient Vegetable Soup

Carrot Soup


This is probably the easiest, cheapest and most flavoursome soup you’ll ever make! I love the clean taste of this soup, no mucking around, just great and nutritious vegetables showing off their finest assets.

1/2 kilo of any vegetable (broccoli, pumpkin, or carrot etc)
1 litre stock
150gms crème fraiche

Cook the vegetables in the stock. When vegetables are ready drain off the liquid leaving 1 cup in the pot with the veg. Using a blender mix thoroughly (or not if you like it chunky). Add the crème fraiche and stir. Use excess stock to thin out soup if it is too thick for your liking. Voila, job done!

I prefer to use a single type of vegetable for this soup rather than combinations as I feel mixing it up with others takes away from the full flavour of said star vegetable.
Stock – If you don’t have fresh stock it is perfectly ok to use a stock cube (and even cheaper too)
– Vegetable or chicken stock used
1/2 kilo = 500gms

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