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I would like to take a moment before I tell you of my latest dining out experience to introduce you to my partner in all things food and drink related. When it comes to going out to lots of places it helps to have someone with you who is just as keen as eating and drinking as you are. With that in mind I present to you The Mighty One! When it comes to trying out new things we pretty much sing from the same hymn sheet. We’ll try anything once, sometimes twice and quite possibly three times. Our appetites know no limits, our tastebuds no bounds and our nose for finding new places is quite remarkable! Now that you’re aquainted let’s get down to the nitty gritty, last nights evening out.

After going to a cheeky mid-afternoon movie The Mighty One and I were feeling a bit peckish. As we ambled up the high street debating about how hungry (or not) we were, we eventually decided to go to Wagamama’s.

Wagamama is a restaurant chain offering fresh Japanese-inspired food in what promises to be a friendly, vibrant setting. There is a wide choice of dishes to choose from including Pad Thai, Itame, Ramen, Gyoza along with contemporary takes on other traditional dishes. The freshly squeezed juices are also a nice apperitif to start your meal with whether you’re health-conscious or just wanting to try something different.

The restaurant was fairly empty so we were seated immediately. Service was prompt and efficient and our drinks arrived quickly. I settled on the chilli chicken with rice and noodles and TMO went for teriyaki chicken. Our mains were delicious, hot, freshly prepared and on my part anyway, did not last long. The chicken was moist and the vegetables were especially well cooked, crunchy and vibrant making for a very well presented plate indeed. Portion size is also very generous. One thing I am not keen on though is that the dishes come out as and when, so whilst I was tucking in my companion had rather a longer wait.

As I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth it’s handy that TMO does. After looking through the dessert menu (of which ginger plays a predominant role) the passionfruit cheesecake was decided upon. It arrived quickly but unfortunately was not great. It had been plated up and kept in the fridge which was evident from the very cold plate.The problem with serving food this way is that the cheesecake had been sitting in the accompanying sauce for goodness knows how long therefore rendering the crunchy base to no more than a soggy mess. The sauce also had a skin on it and the cheesecake itself was not very sweet, in fact rather bland.

We finished our meals and although there was a growing queue down the stairs we were not hurried to vacacte our table. It was a bit tricky to try and get the attention of waiting staff to pay our bill though. All in all it was a pleasant (albeit safe) choice for eating out and despite the dessert the main course makes it worthwhile. The only other thing that niggled me during our visit was that while TMO was lucky enough to be looking at my ‘ugly’ mug over dinner I unfortunately had a view of the ribbish bins in the open kitchen. Open kitchens are a great idea but PLEASE put the bins somewhere where they are not in view.

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