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London has a few German beer halls and I confess, I’ve been to them all, several times. I love a bit of wurst and if it’s washed down with authentic german beer all the better. Some are great and some not so much so when I was asked if I would like to check out the latest offering to open in London my answer was a very definite ‘Jawohl!’.
When I arrived at Bierschenke the place was buzzing and full of suits. The fact that the Deutsche Bank is across the road might have something to do with that.
The decor is not your typical German beerhall in London, No flags adorning the walls, checked tablecloths or steins hanging from the ceiling. There are wooden tables and benches, tables to stand at and banqueting seating around the sides making for clean lines. A place that looks like it might actually be in Munich, not a tourist trap.
We tried six different beers including the house Kellerbier which was so light and easy to drink it could make for an interesting night. I really liked the smoky, dark (Paulaner Dunkel) beer too although I imagine it would be quite filling. The beers were all pure in taste, something to do with mountain water and served at a nice cold temperature.
When our food arrived at the table I was impressed. Wurst, sauerkraut, roast pork, schnitzel and meatloaf just to name a few. The portions are generous and the taste reminded me of my many travels to Germany. And so it should, this stuff is the real deal and comes directly from Germany three times a week. Dessert was a nice apple strudel(although I like mine spicier) with vanilla sauce and I really enjoyed the pancakes made with quark(!).

Service was very efficient (I would expect no less to be honest!) and very friendly. Irango was great at recommending new beers for us to try, his knowledge and passion is evident.
It’s clear to see why this place was so busy. It may have been my first visit but it is definitely not my last. Next time I’m going on a Saturday night when they have an oompah band, happy days, Prost!

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