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Buddha Bar Sushi

If you go out in London and frequent the many trendy restaurants that can be found, chances are you’ve been to the world-famous Buddha Bar in Knightsbridge. This place isn’t just a bar as its name suggests, it is also a fantastic restaurant offering the best in Japanese fine-dining. A popular hang-out for both Royals and celebrities, I was intrigued to say the least when I found out they are now offering Sushi and Sake Masterclasses on a Saturday afternoon. This 2 hour class starts off with a talk about sake and its origins, how it’s made and the differences between warm and cold sake. Each offering is paired with sushi so that you can taste how they compliment each other, I love classes like this, very informative and I always learn something new.

The sake part of the class was good but what I was really here for was the sushi part. A chance to see Head Chef Rey Sabinosa demonstrate his skills which have taken years of honing. One does not become a sushi chef without a great deal of dedication, patience and a LOT of training.

Chef Rey started of with a brief history of sushi. Who knew it didn’t originate in Japan but in south east Asia before being adopted by the Chinese? In front of us we each had all the accoutrements for making sushi but first Chef  showed us how to make the exclusive Buddha Bar sushi roll. Scottish salmon, tuna, sea bass, prawns and king crab all encased in strips of cucumber, deliciously refreshing and beautifully presented.

After we all sampled the Buddha Bar roll, it was time to try our hand at making our own sushi. Blue gloves on (health and safety is v important) we put mayonnaise on our hands, yes really! It stops the rice sticking to your gloves. Chef Rey led us step-by-step thru the processes of making sushi. The class size being limited to 12-15 is great as everyone gets hands-on guidance from Chef as we go through the different stages. There was a lot of mutual admiration going on as we amateurs checked out each others handy work.
At the end of the class our offerings were taken up to Chef where our rolls were cut and put into a presentation box. As we waited for our boxes we were given the final sake tasting. Yuzu Shu is a citrus based liqueur and was my favourite of them all. It is great for cleansing the palate and tastes similar to limoncello although not quite as sharp. I have to say I was quite pleased with my sushi making, being a complete novice. It looked very professional when my box was returned, maybe I’ve found a new vocation? No, probably not, I think Chef Rey’s job is quite safe. We ended our evening in the bar watching a master mixologist create some delicious gin based cocktails of which we had to sample of course.
The 2 hour classes are £90.00 per person and definetly a lot of fun. This includes the sake and sushi tastings as well as being taught by a sushi Master and taking your end result home to impress your family. A lovely way to spend a few hours on a Saturday with your friends or as a special gift for the adventurous person in your life. Bookings can be made at I’ve been so inspired, I’m off to buy a sushi kit!


Chef Rey Sabinosa demonstrating his Master skills


Buddha Bar roll


Sushi to pair with the sake


My finished result, not quite a sushi master but pretty good for a beginner!

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