Review – Cake Me Baby (Bespoke Cakes and Shop) – Stamford Brook, W London

Cake Me Baby

Love cake? Love something a little (read ‘a lot’) different for your occasion cake? Then you need to check out Cake Me Baby! This is an unassuming artisan cake shop making bespoke cakes for the rich, famous and everyone else to boot. Based on Askew Rd in Stamford Brook, Cake Me Baby is the brainchild of creative genius Alessandra Estrada. Alessandra used to work in high fashion then did a 180 to follow her passion of all things cakey, training with Alain Ducasse, a master of French patisserie and Laudree to name a few.

I was invited along to celebrate the end of Afternoon Tea Week at a bloggers tea party. The shop itself is something else, decorated with murals, neon signs and lovely French windows onto a courtyard, this is not your ordinary cake store. We took our seats at one of the wooden tables and were treated to some delicious cakes including my favourite, the big breakfast cupcake. It had maple bacon and a ‘fried egg’ sweet on top and was super delicious. Everything on our boards was hand crafted and well presented. They don’t use machines here so while they all look the same each is individually produced. How someone manages to recreate some of theses treats I have no idea, I am not arty at all!

Quiche, Big Breakfast Cupcake, Da Bomb (chocolate), Bloody Mary Pizza and Irish Panna Cotta

Quiche, Big Breakfast Cupcake, Da Bomb (chocolate), Bloody Mary Pizza and Irish Panna Cotta

Whilst eating all of these cakes is definitely being spoilt (and yes I did eat them all), what I was really interested in was hearing about the bespoke cakes. Cake Me Baby owner Alessandra joined us at the table to talk cake, cake and more cake. There are a lot of people with dietary restrictions out there and one of the things that CmB specialises in is creating cakes that everyone can enjoy without having to worry, whether it’s gluten-free, dairy free or anything else free. The occasion cakes that are made here are simply amazing and beautiful too. Looking at the photographs I was blown away with the intricacies and talent that goes into making them, you can check them out on the CmB website.

You may have read about one of Alessandra’s cakes in the press lately, it was rather an erotic masterpiece (sorry Mum). In fact, the more outrageous the idea for a cake the better as far as Alessandra is concerned. But, it’s not just about how the cakes look, it’s about how they taste and they tasted pretty damn good. Now normally I wouldn’t choose to eat GF cakes, they haven’t appealed taste wise, to me they seem to lack that certain something a cake needs. However, more fool me, I didn’t realise that up until this point of our visit I had been eating gluten-free cakes, I couldn’t taste any difference. Chalk that one up to the artisan baker.

If you’re around the Stamford Brook area make sure to drop in to the shop for some sweet treats or afternoon tea. They are also looking into setting up some bakery masterclasses, something to keep in mind for the future. I had a great time at Cake Me Baby and I would love to get my next birthday cake from here. What should I go for? I reckon a cake that looks like a steak dinner would be good, I could definitely play mind games with that one! It was a great way to end afternoon tea week and thanks for introducing me to my new favourite bedtime drink, peanut butter and hot chocolate, divine!

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