Review of Tefal’s Optigrill

According to Government reports the cost of treating obesity this year (2015) will rise to £6.4billion. We can all afford to find ways to eat better so when I was offered the chance to review Tefal’s Optigrill I jumped at the chance. As a food blogger I am always eating out or writing recipes so my waistline is something I need to keep a close eye on both for vanity and health reasons.

The idea behind the Optigrill is that it will provide a way to cook those tasty foods you love without having to try and drain off excess oils and fats. They are collected in the handy drip tray and depending on what you are cooking this can be quite a lot! I tested out chicken, sausages, steak and bacon and also made toasted sandwiches.

Fats drip down onto the detachable drip tray

Fats drain onto the detachable drip tray

The Optigrill comes with an easy to follow control panel on the front. Turn on the power, select the type of food you want to cook and then press the OK button. The grill will then start to pre-heat. This usually takes a few minutes and beeps when it is ready for the food to be placed inside. A great feature of this appliance is that there is also an option to cook straight from frozen too, no need to worry that you forgot to defrost first. A manual override button can be used to cook things like vegetables or toasted sandwiches. There is a large LED light that changes colour as you go through the different stages of cooking. This is particularly useful when doing meats such as steak or bacon to ensure you get your them done to your liking. As the grill passes through each level of cooking, as well as changing colour on the display, it gives off another beep, a great reminder to check your progress.

The added bonus I found was that because you are cooking top and bottom at the same time it only takes half the time as opposed to using a regular pan or griddle, good for those with time restraints in the kitchen. The appearance of this gadget I found to be pleasing too. It is metallic unlike some other grills which can be made from hardened plastics. The size of this appliance may not be to everyone’s liking as it is larger than other similar products but on the upside it allows you to cook more at the same time. It easily fit 4 chicken breasts without overcrowding. Cleaning was very easy too. A small button on the side releases the trays and the non-stick coating means that there was no harsh scrubbing needed to clean them. I was able to clean them quickly using a cloth in warm soapy water.

All in all I enjoyed using my Optigrill and it is definitely going to become a regular piece of kit in my quest for healthier eating. The price point may be a little higher but I think that Tefal offers a very good quality product with ease of use, slick design and being able to cook more in one go. My score for this is 8/10.




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