Review – Salad Shaker and Herb Mincer from Oxo UK (+ easiest salad dressing recipe ever!)

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The summer may be nearly over but the lovely weather continues unabated which can only mean more healthy salads. I love kitchen gadgets and even better, I love good looking kitchen gadgets. So when salad prep and gadgets combine, that’s right up my kitchen galley!
Trying out new accessories can be hit or miss but on unwrapping these 2 my first thought was that they were aesthetically pleasing.  They look good and this bright green is the latest colour to have in your kitchen if the magazines are to be believed.
I used the shaker to make a dressing (see recipe below) for a classic garden salad. It has liquid measurements on the side, so no excuses, and fits easily in the hand. Being a small size it will make a dressing up to 250mls. The feature I liked the most was the watertight pourer on the top. It completely seals so no leakage and is easily flicked open with your thumb for a steady pour. It makes for great storage in the fridge too, no strong odours will be able to get inside and alter the flavour of your dressing, always a good thing!
Now I have to admit, I love my mini chopper for herbs but as it broke last week I was interested to see how the Herb Mincer worked. Using a chopper is neat and tidy so that was a concern before I started. I envisioned herbs all over the place and having to use another instrument to gather up said herbs. I was glad to see upon reading the instructions that actually, on the end of the mincer, there is a scraper for gathering up as needed. As it goes I enjoyed using this more than I thought I would! It is again, very comfortable in the hand and a gentle back and forth motion without much pressure gave a good chop quickly, not to mention the 4 blades, oh, and the scraper worked a treat, no mess!
Being a gadget lover sometimes means washing up becomes a chore, a price to pay for the ease a gadget affords. Needless to say the shaker is an easy wash. The mincer comes apart into 2 pieces, also easy to wash just be careful with the open blades. Included is a blade cover for storage and safety.
Both of these products are a welcome addition to my kitchen, not only for their pleasing aesthetics but the ergonomic designs making them user friendly for all. Let’s hope this sunshine holds out for a while longer, I fancy testing out lots more dressing recipes with my new bright green helpers!

Easiest Salad Dressing Ever

1/2 condensed milk
1/2 malt vinegar
1-2 tsps dry mustard
salt to taste

Place all ingredients into shaker and shake for about 15 seconds and that’s it!
You can use this as is or as a base for whatever takes your fancy. Add herbs, chillies, anchovies……. I added a large pinch each of parsley and chives along with a couple of cloves of garlic. It is also great with blue cheese, cut into small pieces and give another shake.


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  • That salad dressing sounds amazing! I definitely need to try it out for dinner tomorrow night.

    This thing cuts salad preparation time in half! And you’re totally right, summer is definitely the time to bring out those fresh healthy salads because everything good is in season!

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