Review- Testing the #Ingenio range from Tefal at L’Atelier des Chefs, London

Tefal Ingenio Pots Pans Frittata

Ingenio is the perfect name for Tefal’s best yet range of pans. With a space-saving detachable handle and pots that can go from stovetop to oven to fridge, they really are ingenious. I recently had the opportunity to go to a professional kitchen and try out these Tefal pots, cooking up a street food feast at L’Atelier des Chefs in London.

Tefal Ingenio Range


The Tefal brand has long been a stalwart in my kitchen due to it’s durability and quality despite my attempts at experimental cooking. I’ve destroyed quite a few other brand pans, mostly down to burning sugar, and so have been left with an array of mismatched, incomplete sets taking up lots of space in my cupboards. The Ingenio range is therefore like a breath of fresh air in my kitchen (and my cupboards!).


Having a detachable handle, which is very easy to transfer from one pot to the other, means that the pans actually fit neatly inside each other saving that all important space in the cupboards. The lids have a clever handle that lies flat when they are on stacked top of each other which in turn says ‘goodbye’ to those pesky leaning towers of lids rolling around your shelves. This all leads to space-saving in your cupboards and for someone who is a bit OCD a nice, compact storage that looks neat and tidy. Although I don’t own a dishwasher I am reliably informed that they are also dishwasher safe. I would imagine that without permanently attached handles they would also be a lot easier to stack in the dishwasher without the awkward rearranging trying to fit everything in.

Using the Ingenio pots and pans

Apart from the look of the range, the first thing you’ll notice is the weight. These are durable, sturdy pots which will go the distance. Tefal are also generous with the volume of these pots, they are deeper than most. The handle was easy to click on and off (using one hand) and felt solid when attached. The non-stick coating allowed for easy cooking with little or no fats and is a dream to wash up. The set I used was the ‘Induction Set’. It came with 3 pans, 1 handle, 3 cooking lids and 3 plastic lids (for storage in the fridge). Although it was called an induction set it can be used on any hob top. The unique thing about the Ingenio pots is that as there is no handle permanently attached to the pot, they can be used in the oven as well. No more melting handles whilst you try to grill or finish off a dish by baking in the oven. At the cookery school we started cooking a frittata on the hob and then transferred it to the oven for 25 minutes. The result? A tasty dish that saved on washing up and could stand the heat of the oven, no worries!


With the versatility of the Ingenio range I think these will also be great for baking and cookin in the oven too, I look forward to trying my theory out. To say I like these pots is a bit of an understatement. The neat freak in me has already thrown out those old battered odds and bods pots I hung on to for so long, freeing up loads of space in the cupboards. What will be next? Depending on how my experimenting goes I might be getting rid of a few (years old) baking dishes too, I’ve got my eye on the Ingenio frying pan next………….

L’Atelier des Chefs Cookery School

Not far from Oxford St is the L’Atelier des Chefs Cookery School. Offering all sorts of classes, we were to try a couple of the one hour lunchtime courses using of course, the Tefal Ingenio pots and frying pans. Designed to fit in your lunch break these are 1 hour classes where you cook up a quick but tasty treat under the guidance of the chef instructor and then all sit down at a communal table to share your efforts.


On our visit we cooked a frittata and tomato sauce for the first class and spicy chicken thighs for the next. Accompanied with homemade flatbread (so easy it was silly!) and salad, it was a lot of fun. Our instructor was a lovely lady with a lot of patience and a great sense of humour. She made our class very relaxed and enjoyable and suffice to say we all had a fabulous time and enjoyed the delicious dishes around the table afterwards with a nice glass of wine. If you are looking to pick up some new skills or just want to do something different on your lunch break, this was fab. I do like going to cookery classes so maybe next time I’ll try the Spanish or baking class.

Until next time…………..

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