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The Shack 68


There have been a number of American rib-type restaurants open in Twickenham lately so I was certain to check them out. The first one I went to was The Shack 68. Renovated on the old London Rd site, this place is American diner but cooler. With its mix of wooden tables, long bar with stools and candles on the tables, it is a warm and welcoming space.

The menu is what you would expect, pulled pork, burgers, ribs and plenty of American side dishes. We had to try the pulled pork of course AND the ribs. We ordered the full rack with half and half meaning half the ribs had a dry rub and half had a sauce. The meat was very well cooked. Tender and moist, it melted in the mouth. Portion size was generous and there was more than enough for the two of us. I got a bit possessive over the pulled pork, I could have just eaten the platter of that and been more than happy. Talking about platters, you should be aware that this is how your meals will come when ordering for two or more. Silver sharing platters to help yourself from. I like this idea, it also makes it feel more homely but in a good way. For our side dishes we ordered the bourbon sweetcorn (a triumph!) and a dip with tortilla crisps. We decided not to order chips as a side because let’s face it – chips are chips are chips – we wanted to try something different, plus chips give me heartburn.

For dessert we went for that good ol’ American favourite of Pecan pie along with a peanut butter and jelly sundae. My pie was very sweet and crunchy just as it should be and sadly I can’t tell you about the sundae. It didn’t last long as my colleague devoured it before I even got a chance to try. I reckon that says it all really.

The draught beers and wine seemed more expensive compared to other restaurants and bars in the area although the price of the food more than compensates for this. All of the dishes are reasonably priced and as I said above, the portion size is good.

Our last hurrah for the night was a hard shake. If you’re not sure what this is, you need to get in the know. It is basically a milkshake with alcohol, usually bourbon or whiskey. It is delicious and creamy and could quite possibly replace my penchant for liqueur coffees. A great way to end our night.

We enjoyed our night at The Shack. It was vibrant, the staff were very friendly and the food was delicious. Lucky for me it is also within walking distance of my house. I am sure to go back soon and also to check out the newly refurbished upstairs bar.

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