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Tibits Mayfair


Just before Christmas I had the opportunity to visit Tibits, a vegetarian restaurant on Heddon St in London. Anyone who knows central London knows that this little enclave off Regent St is a goldmine for foodies. It is always buzzing. Being a committed carnivore Tibits was a real eye-opener for me. I had a notion that vegetarian food wasn’t very exciting and that I would miss my meat. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

The restaurant is spread over 2 floors and also has a nice courtyard area outside which I’m sure would be lovely in summer. The way it works is like this. Unlike a traditional restaurant there is no table ordering for food. There is instead a central island in the shape of a boat on which all the dishes are presented. There are plenty of hot and cold foods, sauces, oils and breads to choose from. After you have been seated you go up to the boat, grab a plate and pile on whatever you fancy. You then take your plate up to the counter area where it is weighed and you are charged accordingly. The beauty of this is that there is no wastage, you just eat as much, or as little, as your appetite requires.

After you have eaten your main course you then go back for dessert and follow the same process. It also needs to be mentioned that each dish also comes with directives as to whether it contains nuts, soy, gluten etc or are suitable for kids, vegans……. I thought this was a very clever tool and certainly gives you confidence in your choices if you are on a restricted diet.

As for my food, it was delicious. Everything appeared to be seasonal and freshly prepared. Sometimes these set-ups can look a bit depleted or tired at the end of the day but this was not the case here.  There was such a wide choice available that we didn’t  have room to check out the dishes on the other side of the boat, another visit is on the cards for sure. The wait staff were friendly and service was good. As your food and drink is paid for upfront there is no waiting around for a bill either which I found to be a blessing. There is a full bar and whilst I’m sure the pressed-to-order juices are good we opted for cocktails, nothing like a hot toddy on a cold winter’s day.

I had taken along a vegetarian friend to get another perspective and she was also impressed. She was glad I had introduced her to somewhere new and has since been back a couple of times. I am definitely not going to be so blasé about trying a vegetarian restaurant in the future, my eyes have been opened to a new ‘experience’ and I liked it! A big thumbs up Tibits, you made this carnivore a convert to vegetarian restaurants. As the great Arnold Schwarzenegger once famously said ‘I’ll be back!’


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