The Avenue Cookery School, Wandsworth teaches #SimpleSupper classes for all

The Avenue Cookery School Wandsworth


The Avenue Cookery School

3 Enterprise Way

Wandsworth SW18 1FZ

What’s On Offer

Cookery courses for all skill sets from basics to advanced, baking, gluten free, off to uni, after school and vegan to name a few. Pretty much, if you want to pick up some new skills there is bound to be something here for everyone.

My Course

I attended the Simple Suppers course. A beginners interactive course, it teaches prep, knife skills and timings et al in a group setting. Accompanied by a glass (or 2) of wine our chosen menu for the evening was fillet steak with mushroom sauce, chanterelle carrots and rustic potatoes followed by caramelised bananas and crème fraiche.

The Avenue Cookery School Wandsworth

With owner and Head Chef Diana Horsford standing behind her station at the head of the class we were given a lesson in how to chop vege like a pro. Leading us through the order of the meal we were about to cook, Diana’s infectious enthusiasm knows no bounds and with her easy nature had everyone laughing and having a high ol’ time already. As it came to our turn to get started the music was turned up, the cookery school team split up between the stations to provide additional support, a quick glug of wine and we were off!

The Avenue Cookery School Wandsworth

Finally, Diana gives a lesson on how to cook the perfect steak.

The Avenue Cookery School Wandsworth

Our Dinner

At the end of the cooking class everyone gathers around the long table at the rear of the kitchen to enjoy the fruits of our labour. By this time I had perfected ‘diamonds’ on my fillet steak, given it a lovely rest, loaded up my plate with vegetables and was ready to tuck in.

The Avenue Cookery School Wandsworth

The Verdict

I had a great time at The Avenue Cookery School and I have visited many over the years. What I really liked about this school in particular is that it is a real family affair. Diana as owner and Head Chef is ably assisted by her grown children who ensured that everyone was having a great time and no fingers were chopped off in the making. Moving between the stations offering advice and laying the table for our end of night supper it all appeared seamless and relaxed. All in all a fun night out with new skills and recipes to boot. Would make a great idea as a present for that foodie in your life!

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